Can-Action is at the forefront of the movement to outsourced sales and marketing. Our synergistic sales approach ensures maximum “face time” with specifiers, end users and key demand influencers.

Outsourced field sales is the lowest cost method to market (see example below). Can-Action’s program ensures quality, consistent coverage of all accounts.

The Canadian market has unique challenges, mainly related to sheer geographic size, as well as population distribution. A common approach used by some manufacturers is to position factory representatives in one or two key centers (e.g. Toronto or Vancouver) and assume that this provides adequate coverage. This approach generally proves ineffective, as it does not provide sufficient “feet on the street” nor does it address the regionalized nature of doing business in Canada. Our approach takes these factors into account, while providing centralized sales management and a single point of contact for manufacturers. It can take years for a manufacturer to assemble an effective representative network. Let Can-Action handle this challenge.

Can-Action is the ideal vehicle to market your new or existing product or service. Contact us to discuss how we can maximize the use of your resources and
deliver the lowest cost sales and marketing solution.

Sales Equity

If 25 salespeople make 2 calls per day on your product:

# of Calls
Cost per Call *
* - Average cost per sales call (conservative estimate)



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